Charcoal Kilns & Equipment includes a range of steel ring kilns and equipment for the production of charcoal.

Our tried and tested kilns and hardware are made in the north of England, backed up by the experience of almost 20 years commercial charcoal production.

Kiln Range

Choose the larger, 6′ diameter kiln and above, for higher commercial levels of production and the smaller kilns such as the MINI or MIDI for part-time and leisure production.

For kiln sizes above 5′ diameter there is the option to add a separate EXTENTION RING at a later date if extra production capacity is required. You can continue to use the original lid.

All kilns regardless of size are extremely strong and durable, made to a professional specification.

We are only too happy to advise to make sure you get the right equipment for your charcoal burning aspirations.

Smaller Kilns

Our smaller kiln sizes, the MINI and MIDI, are perfect for owners of small woodlands, colleges, countryside parks, wildlife trusts, or anyone who wants a small kiln that can be easily transported in the back of an estate car, van or small pick up. They are easy to set up by one person and burn for about 5 hours producing in the region of 20- 30kgs of quality barbecue charcoal. MINI and MIDI kilns come with written Operating Instructions.

They cost £550 and £695 respectively + £60 (+ VAT) delivery to UK mainland.

The process of making barbecue charcoal on a small scale is very rewarding and a fun and efficient way of utilising small diameter hardwoods from small scale woodland operations that would otherwise go to waste. What better way to spend productive time in the woods!

We have used these kilns ourselves commercially from this maker for more than 15 years to produce BBQ charcoal. We unreservedly recommend them for their design, build quality, ease of use and longevity.
Please email or ring to discuss.
Kilns are made to order, expect delivery times of about 8 weeks.

Delivery: Kilns and top rings are priced ex-works, please contact us for a delivery quotation.

We can also provide training in the making charcoal at your site or ours, this can be one to one or to a group, please ring to discuss.

Each kiln comes with written Operating Instructions.

Rebecca Oakes book Making Charcoal and Biochar – A Comprehensive Guide is the perfect place to start learning about the black art!