Thomas Flinn & Co

Thomas Flinn & Co was started in 1923 by a man named Thomas Flinn. Sheffield was, in those times (and for many years) a city where the majority of people were employed by something related to the steel industry and it’s by products. Summer 2014 was an interesting time as we also become a Hand Plane manufacturer after we acquired Clifton Planes. We have pushed this traditional, high quality brand from strength to strength with additional items to the ranges.
From a small work force, we now produce a wide range of hand saws and hand planes that are shipped world-wide and are held in great esteem by those who use them. Our ideals mean that we feel it is important to fly the British flag when it comes to the tooling industry as it is through this mentality that we have found our great customer base and means we want to provide our customers with only the best products.


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