Svante Djarv

Svante Djarv Hantverk is a family business which specialises in making hand-forged wood carving tools.

Drawing from the long Swedish metal-working tradition, they have developed a range of tools over the years that continues to expand in collaboration with experienced wood-crafters.

They make a limited number of about 4000 tools and knives each year.

The range includes carving knives, spoon-carving knives and drawknives as well as adzes, axes and other tools for wood turning, sculpture and all sorts of other woodworking.

They even make a special range of tools for children.

All tools and knives are delivered ready to use: sharpened and honed with hand-made handles and shafts. Knife blades are just ground and will require sharpening and honing.

The best quality always comes standard. Only high quality tool-making steel is used which is heat treat several times and shafts and handles are all hand-made from Swedish hardwood, elm and ash


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