The Ochsenkopf (Oxhead) axes represent perfection and safety. Ever since its establishment in 1781 by the Fahlefeld brothers, the Remscheid-based factory forged the best steel with the best grind to end up with the highest level of quality. What started out as a small-scale axe manufacturer became a modern company where quality and service come first.

OCHSENKOPF (Oxhead) tools are preferably manufactured of C60 steel.
One of its features is its incredible toughness, which guarantees long tool life.

Only high-quality wood is used in tool shaft production.
Hickory is a high-grade and extremely break-proof wood.

Instead of being sharpened to a knife edge,
OCHSENKOPF tools are honed to a cambered edge,
which results in longer edge life.
So much more could be said about the brand considered by
professionals to be the be-all and end-all.


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