The Brands at WOODSMITH should in all cases reflect our own philosophy. With hand tools we take the view that they should do a job very well and if well looked after, last a long time of sustained use. Ideally tools should last a lifetime. If a tool breaks, a handle on an axe for example, replacements should be available to avoid needing to throw the tool away. We are always happy to help with advice to successfully complete the repair.

Many of the Brands such as Kay Embretsen, Hans Karlsson, Svante Djarv and Peavey Manufacturing Co are only available in the UK via WOODSMITH.

You will notice many of our Brands originate from Sweden. This is no coincidence, apart from the fact that we love Swedish culture, we just like the design and business ethic of many Swedish companies.  Many are small family business but there are also those such as Tormek, Sjobergs, Gransfors Bruk and Hultafors which are large world players. Quality with good design are bywords shared by them all.