Another great day this week spent at Durham's Botanic Gardens helping post graduate archeaology student Jake Newport create a replica of a Mesolithic Dugout Canoe.

Jake is a keen bushcrafter so already owns some useful hand tools such as axes, adzes and drawknives but I was able to loan him a few more tools that will hopefully make the work progress in a more satisfying way. 10 000 years or so ago there may have been a better choice of clean straight logs but this large log of lime is far from straight so there is much to do to improve the outside shape.  I brought along a Wetterlings Broad Axe with the short handle so this was used to flatten the boat (where a keel might normally go).  A lot of wood to remove, and because the log was upside down and not on its side, I decided I would go for a rapid multiple chop technique which seemed to work well to remove wood in a reasonably controlled way.