Every year, regardless of where in the country it is held, we take the Woodsmith's Store on the road to the Association of Pole Late Turners and Green Woodworkers (APTGW) AGM a weekend of fabulous traditional craft.  Log to leg races, competitions for amateur and professional crafts people, lots of idea exchanges and new techniques and general good all round creative fun is what you can expect.

I've been attending The Bodgers Ball since about1993, the event has grown a bit since then but the passion and enthusiasm has not faltered one bit.  The organisation just gets better every year with the numbers attending increasing with every event.

If you don't already have it in your diary, check it out and hope to see you there!

The 2015 Bodger's Ball will be held a:-


Walesby Forest,
Brake Road,
NG22 9NG

9 - 10 May 2015