That's not to say there isn't normally a lengthy wait for one of his beautiful axes, one - two years is still typical.  Remarkably however, we have just taken delivery of 10 beautiful Swedish Viking Axes from Gransfors.

The Gransfors Bruks Swedish Viking Axe is a surprising small light axe measuring just 380mm (15") long with a 100mm (4") cutting edge and weighing in at just over 400gms.  The head is exquisitely forged and finely detailed.  Two finely forged lugs on each side of the head puts more steel in contact with the handle providing a firm rigid fix. The cutting edge is ground to a fine 20 degrees with equal gently convex bevels.  Light weight and a heavily bearded head allows the users hand to get right behind the cutting edge for fine chopping/slicing or paring work.

The hickory handle is 330mm (13") long, mildly faceted for good grip and oval in cross section. As with most viking axes, the handle sweeps backwards which makes slicing easier to achieve.  In our view this will make a superb lightweight carving axe.

Gransfors obviously feel obliged to give this a replica sheath in keeping with an axe first designed more than 1000 years ago, without rivits or stitching. Made from the same thick brown grain leather that every Gransfors axe is treat to, but held together with just leather thonging, which also keeps it fastened to the head.  Unfortunately it is relatively easy to accidently cut the thonging when fitting the sheath onto the axe.  This is such a usable everyday axe for the carving of spoons and small bowls and deserves a sheath of substance that will up to the regular fitting to the axe so with every axe from WOODSMITH we supply the Gransfors sheath and a second sheath that has been designed to be more practical in use.  We also think it is quite pleasing to the eye.

There are other axes of great quality and beauty from a select band of makers (including Gransfors) which will do a similar job costing and quite a bit less, howvever...........this little gem gives such pleasure to the eye and works with such style it is difficult to resist.

For more images of this axe go to Swedish Viking Axe in the shop.