The cabin, which still needs interior wall panelling and floor boards, will be used mainly as student accomodation during our summer courses held every year at Sorli, our house and woodland in Holoydal, Hedmark region. We'll be back to the beautiful mountains of eastern Norway in snowy February to coincide with the Roros Martenan but plan to finish the building next July in readiness for the Sloyd with Jogge Sundqvist course 17 -21 August 2015.

The 'modern' (relative term!) finish for mountain buildings like this is to paint them with a stain often farmers red or brown. However we plan to apply preserving coats of traditional pine tar. The effect will be very subtly different from a modern stain, producing a range of brown hues showing through. Here is a local building finished in pine tar. Pine tar can of course be bought but we'd like to make our own with one of the WOODSMITH Tar Kilns. For several coats it will need many 'burns' to produce enough tar and there are many old pines stools as feedstock.

The turf roof is a particular delight to look at and learning how to make the roof strong enough and watertight was facinating.