Sharpening a Billhook and keeping it sharp in the woods is a skill is that is an absolute must. 

Not only will the work be easier, the resulting harvested material will look far more professional and you'll be a whole lot safer.

We absolutley love Morris of Dunsford tools, and judging by the numbers we sell a lot of our cutomers do as well. They are a very old company who make a wide range of old style edge tools such as billhooks and slashers in a way that sets them apart from other better known makers. 

We saw for ourselves last May, when we visited the Dunsford Works, the tradition and passion that still exists for the creation of beautiful and functional tools. Long may they continue!

However............ when you first unwrap a new Morris Billhook it may be surprising that the edge is not as sharp as you might hope for, sometimes flats will be visible on the edge.  To get your new billhook into a good working condition a bit of time it's often neccessary to grind or file the bevels, then sharpening and honing ready for use.

It makes sense that you learn to sharpen your own tools but if you choose our 'Hand Sharpening Service' when you order a new billhook (or slasher) you'll start with a tool that is working at its absolute best and will set a benchmark for you to maintain.