Met up with Durham University post graduate archeology student Jake Newport a few days ago to learn more about his project to make a Mesolithic dugout canoe. His passion and focus for this challenging work commands respect and I'll help all I can with the loan of tools and practical help with the construction.

The lime log was donated by well known local tree surgeon David Oliver and the poly tunnel work space provided by The Botanical Garden in Durham. In an ideal world, stone tools would be used for the making of this replica but Jake's a realist and is using modern hand tools. He is a big fan of Gransfors Bruk and Hans Karlsson tools. An experienced outdoors man, Jake 's familiar with the safe use of axes and other edge tools and is passing on his skills to fellow Durham students who volunteer to help with the project.

If all goes to plan he is hopeful to have the canoe complete with outrigger (and possibly a leather sail) on the river Wear by late winter. Can't wait.