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"Beautiful Axe I purchased this beautiful axe from Maurice around 18 months back and it's been a superb tool to work with................."


We aspire to describe products on the Woodsmith Experience website as accurately and as fully as possible, often taking inspiration from our own experience using the tools, rarely do we take copy directly from maker's descriptions. That way, copy is original and hopefully a bit more meaningful and objective in the real world (or at least in the green woodworking world!)

With our new Ratings and Reviews feature, customers now have the opportunity to feed back on their own 'real world' experience of tools, books, devices and courses bought from us. We're hoping objective customer observations will reveal not only the good features of a product but also the shortcomings.

If you bought something from us prior to Ratings and Reviews being commisioned it's not too late to make your experience and opinions of a product available to other customers so they are better able to make an informed decision. To Rate and Review a product simply go to the Product Page of the tool, book or course you want to review, scroll down to the Ratings and Reviews box and click the green 'write a review' button (see example above).

You will need to be a registered Woodsmith Experience customer to write a review.

There are two easy parts to complete 1) star rating (1 - 5 stars)  2) write a review

Once you have submitted your star rating and review it will come to us for moderating, then it will be uploaded on to the product page.