Weather was absolutely perfect, hot and sunny on Day 1 for making traditional woodworkers low benches and cloudy and cool on Day 2 to make a carved bowl from freshly felled northumbrian sycamore.  If it had been warm and sunny our green wood could easily have wanted to dry too quickly and crack.

We have tutored Bowl Carving courses for many years but often students left without the means to hold their bowl blank while being carved when they got home.  Making their own low bench and bowl on the same course means students only need a few tools to keep the momentum going. Hand carving bowls is a highly satisfying and creative process.

The sycamore used for the bowls had been felled just a few days earlier up in Northumberland, a little late perhaps, but still virtually winter-cut wood without much sap.  Using wood with the sap in is fine but when saturated with water it can make controlling the drying without cracking a little riskier.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, even if the work was a bit physical at times.

Hopefully, Thiery (above) got home safely on the train to Edinburgh with his lightweight, three legged low bench under his arm!