Several of our customers are wondering why we seem to have so many items 'out of stock'.  The answer is very simple:  currently there is huge demand for the tools of some of our makers, especially Hans Karlsson and Svante Djarv and as a result their order books are very long and we just can't get enough stock. 

Both makers sell all over the world and lead time for deliveries is at least 9 months at the moment.  It just goes to show that well designed tools, carefully made by hand, made to last a life time or two will always be highly sought after.  Both Hans and Svante, as small family businesses, are pleased that there is a healthy interest in their tools but at the same time don't want to create industrial processes to make tools faster in order to reduce lead times, they want to enjoy their work/craft and produce exceptional, durable and beautiful tools. I for one, entirely support them on this.

At this time (July 2017), we have virtually zero stock of any tool from Hans Karlsson or Svante Djarv, a situation I can't remember being in before.  Whilst we never know exactly when our orders will arrive we are hoping for something towards the end of the year or maybe early in 2018.

To give you an idea of the demand, in the last year or so when we've recieved SD Little Viking Axes, the HK Sloyd Axe and adzes from both makers, loaded up stock onto the website, they will usually sell overnight!  Many customers have clicked the 'email me when in stock' button and when we load up stock onto the website the email alert goes out at 12:00 midnight therefore our lucky American customers get the notification first, being about 6 hours behind GMT.

Another of our makers, Richard Morris of Morris Billhooks has not been in good health recently so virtually all of our stock is also down to zero. Morris Billhooks are an exceptional company, established a very long time ago and with a unique history and the only makers still producing a wide range of regional styles of billhooks and slashers.  Richard's health seems to be improving thankfully so we should get new stock soon.