Information regarding product changes on Gränsfors Bruk Axes.

In February 2016 Gransfors Bruk anounced that, with the exception of their splitting axes, from now on they would exclude fitting a steel wedge to most of their axes

The main reason for this move was that due to testing and experience they could not see the purpose of it.

The handle fitting methods at the GB Forge are now so exact and reliable and since they strive for minimal use of materials and if quality and functionality is not at stake, excluding the steel wedge was a logical step.

After more than a year of axe production without the steel wedge there has been no indication that functionality, quality or safety has suffered from the change.

If you buy a replacement GB axe handle to refit yourself it will normally include both a wooden wedge and a steel wedge for extra reassurance and peace of mind.

WOODSMITH agrees with GB that a good well fitted handle with an exactly sized and glued wooden wedge fitted in factory conditions does all of the work necessary to keep an axe head securely on its handle for many years, its the traditional and still the best way but.............. remember if you are doing this work in your own workshop you need to be exact and always glue the wooden wedge in place and leave the handle proud by about 5-7mm above the axe head. If you buy a GB handle for a particular axe model it should be a great fit that will inspire confidence when using the axe and within the capability of most axe enthusiasts.

If refitting a replacement handle to your axe is something you would rather entrust to the professionals ask us to provide a quote for us to do it for you.

Here at WOODSMITH we aim to keep stocks of handles for most of the Gransfors Bruk axe model range.