Tough timber handling tools for the small woodland owner are a real godsend and often in the absence of mechanical help the only way to safely move logs aorund.

For a few years now we've been importing the awsomely durable tools from Peavey Manufacturing Co in the USA who have been making professional quality tools for more than 150 years. They make peaveys, cant hooks, bark spuds but best of all the Swivel Timber Carrier is auguably the most useful and unique of all. Most of their tools feature amazing turned components in straight grained ash, the Swivel Timber Carriers handles can be as long as 60" and 2" diameter!  Together with bomb-proof steel components its unlikely anything is going to break but should you accidently chainsaw through a handle of fell a tree on it we usually keep stock of spare handles to keep you working.

The PMCo Swivel Timber Carrier comes in 3 handle sizes: 48", 54" and 60" and are available now from the Woodsmith Experience website and shop.