Met a couple from Northumberland at last years north-east  Heritage Skills Festival at Tynemouth Station who asked if I would make them a living willow revetment to contain a very old earth bank at the rear of their garden which was on the verge of collapsing into their back lane.

Willow for the work was cut in March when the sap was on the verge of rising so was very viable, then woven prodominently using a simple pairing weave with zales about 12" apart.  Weaver rod ends were pushed horizontally deep into the earth bank giving the rods the best chance of striking.

The finishing multi-rod weave was similar to that used by hedge-layers when binding a newly laid hedge.

This is the completed revetment early in April then again in May. 









The resulting rapid regrowth from quick growing bio-mass willow can be a management liability, however on this occasion the customer was looking forward to harvesting the rods for use around the garden.