Delivery times: It's well known that axe makers Gransfors Bruk are victims of their own success. World wide demand for their efficient and beautiful tools has just gone crazy. The Bergsjo factory in beautiful Sweden countryside has limited capacity to expand in order to increase production and as a result order times have been getting longer and longer over the last few years.

However........... new personnel have been recruited over the last year or so and yet another grinder was welcomed to the company last week and despite some initial problems commisioning the new power forge, it is finally up and running.

Ancient Axes: Due to the incredible increase in demand for the companies traditional axes they have been focusing efforts in this department. Therefore the capacity in forging historical axes has, unfortunately, been and will continue to be, very limited. New orders on historical axes are currently not being accepted until they feel comfortable enough to re-direct resources to this area. If we receive more information about the production of ancient axes we'll let you know.

Ceramic Axe Stone: This sharpening stone (4034) has not been available for some time but the problems affecting supply seemed to have been sorted and we look forward to seeing new supplies in December.

2015: Gransfors have not been happy that UK dealers have had to work with extended delivery times recently but they have been working hard to improve the situation and are very positive that with all the improvements that have been implemented at the factory the supply position during 2015 will be greatly improved.

Remember..... if there is a particular Gransfors Bruk axe you are interested in and it is Out of Stock, click the 'email me when in stock' button on the product page and we'll give you an expected availablity date.

We are here to give you the very best advice on any axe in the Gransfors Bruk range.