In August 2012, one of our neighbours Jens Nygard, who has been a professional woodcarver and rosemaling craftsman all his life, acquired two large butts of slow grown pine, ideal for the making of traditonal Norwegian Kubbestol. 

He asked if I would do the initial shaping of the seats with a chainsaw as he was not too keen.  Once seasoned he would show me the more skilled part of the process - the final shaping and the decorative carving.  Just like any piece of wood the secret to seasoning without splitting is do it slowly in a darkish airey place out of the sun and wind.

I'm really looking forward to starting the next phase of work on the kubbestol when we return to Norway at the end of July this year, as the blanks will have been air drying for almost a year. I'll let you know how we get on.

Here is an old image of Jens carving the back of a kubbestol in highly decorative Ancanthus style