Ever since being aware of renowned Swedish axe makers Gransfors Bruks we have also known about Tove Wrecking Bars made by their sister company Gransfors Smide. However it is not until now that we have made the decision to add these to our ever growing range of tools appropriate to green woodworking and small scale forestry.

Wrecking bars can be crude affairs, however the Tove product is an entirely different proposition.  In existance for more than 70 years, Gransfors Smide make their wrecking bars from specially alloyed spring steel and temper the whole bar for extra strength.  Manufactured in five sizes, from a diminuative 11" to a huge 36", they all feature high strength in relation to their size and are not heavy or cumbersome. Of course wrecking bars will do the usual stuff of removing stubborn nails, dismantling pallets etc but with strong and carefully sharpened chisel and claw ends the edges are easily wedged behind boards and planks to lever apart and are far more useful.

When dismantling timber for re-use it is normally important to do as little damage as possible which is when the fine and broad chiseled ends of Tove Wrecking Bars really helps.

A good quality wrecking bar is an essential piece of kit in anyones toolbox.

Tove Wrecking Bars

The Wrecking Bar with a lifetime Guarantee