Confido is a huge weekend of activities with a great atmosphere! 1200 Scouts, Explorers and Guides will camp together for two nights, eat in a centrally catered 60m marquee and enjoy two evenings of entertainment including bands, a disco, campfires and cinema.

Our green woodworking marquee offers respite to scouts adrenilined-out on high octane activities.  Splitting logs, drawknifing and pole lathe turning are calm thoughtful activites that seem to strike a cord with many youngsters.  No one seems to mind waiting in a queue for half an hour for what must seem like a very short amount of time on a shavehorse and pole lathe.  There is rarely enough time for each scout to make something to take away but at least they contribute to a final product such as a rounders bat that will go to their troop.

Four years ago as part of Confido we helped scouts build an outdoor chapel.  See picture left.