Led by the north east's formost traditional woodland craftsman and greenwood worker Maurice Pyle and other leading craft professionals including James Bedingfield, Phil Bradley and Owen Jones

The course comprises of the following units:

  • Coppice woodland management and traditional coppice craft (2 days)
  • Charcoal and firewood production (2 days)
  • Willow structures (2 days)
  • Make a pole lathe (2 days)
  • Make a shavehorse (2 days)
  • Oak swill baskets (3 days)
  • Wooden bowl carving (1 day)
  • Spoon carving (1 day)
  • Tool sharpening (1 day)
  • Shrink boxes (1 day)
  • Willow baskets (2 days)
  • Cleft ash gates (2 days)
  • Business planning and start-up (1 day)

Entry Requirements
There are no specific entry requirements to join this course, just an interest in working with your hands to make traditional utility items from green unseasoned wood.

How is the course taught?
The course is essentially practical with much of the teaching taking place in our dedicated well equipped greenwood workshop and outdoors with all tools and materials supplied.

How is the course assessed?
Assessment is via portfolio production and items made on the course.

Progression / Career opportunities
Many students graduating from this course have gone on to establish their own greenwood businesses whilst others have gone on to work in countryside management, outdoor education and interpretation.

This is a fantastic educational experience learning from practicing craftsmen and a superb addition to your CV.

Total cost is £1 350 which includes all materials.  You will leave with all of the items you make including a pole lathe, shavehorse, oak swill basket, willow basket, wooden spoon and bowl etc. etc.

To register for this course either pay in full on-line on this website below or give us a call to arrange a deposit.

Maximum number of studens 8