I've been making birch bark sheaths for many years, mainly to fit my hand-made knives that come without a sheath. When we are across in Norway, making sheaths from birch bark seems seems so appropriate as the house is surrounded by birch woodland (and pine of course).

It would be great to harvest the birch bark personally from our trees but the best time to do this in that part of the world is early June which coincides with peak mosquito season when sensibly, we aren't there.  Fortunately there is a local building company specializing in traditional log building with turf roofing which of course uses about 6 layers of birch bark as a waterproofing membrane.

It was probably the Mora 105 Carving Knife that first prompted me to start mass producing birch bark sheaths as although it's a mass produced factory made knife, it's really useful, especially for larger or inexperienced hands, but unfortunately because of the design of the handle comes with no sheath at all.

So we'll start by offering a sheath as an option for the 105 (which will of course also fit the Mora 106 as it shares the same blade) and will make other sizes on request.

Like eating with a wooden spoon and bowl there
is just something right and non-jarring about putting a metal blade next to bark, indeed they are amiable partners.