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920 Carving knife....IT'S BACK!! (briefly)

Posted: September 26, 2014

The 920 shares the same blade as the popular birch handled 120 carving knife but the handle made in a grippy black composite material.  This knife was never as popular as the wooden handled version so Mora obviously could not justify its inclusion in their carving knife range.  This was a big shame because the handle was extremly good in the hand having been designed by craftsman Wille Sundqvist.  More or less the same size as the wooden handle knife but extra features such as addition forms at the front and rear made it feel more secure in the hand, features particularly valuable to new carvers.  Admitedly the composite material could get a little sweaty in the hand after a while but a small price to pay.

We have our limited stocks of the Mora 920 on sale for £18

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