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  • Woodland Pioneers 2015

    April 28, 2015

    Woodland Pioneers is an annual event intended to appeal not only to people who are interested in applying to the Bill Hogarth Memorial Apprenticeship Trust apprenticeship scheme but to anyone wanting to learn more about traditional woodland craft in one of Cumbria's astonishingly beautiful woodlands. Read More >

  • New Log Building business launched

    December 07, 2014

    Shropshire born craftsman Edward Griffiths is launching a new business, Perch Cabins. The 29 year old is focusing on traditional skills and locally sourced timber to create beautiful log structures. Read More >

  • Ratings and Reviews

    November 21, 2014

    It has taken us a while but finally.... we have the RATINGS AND REVIEW feature on the Woodsmith Experience website we have always wanted. Read More >

  • Superb Swedish Viking Axes from Gransfors - RARE!

    September 25, 2013

    Over the last few years the production of 'Ancient Axes' from renowned axe makers Gransfors Bruks has been somewhat variable and erratic. These axes are considerably more hand forged than the other axes from the Swedish company. Produced in small numbers, taking more time to make by a smith who needs to specialize in this area of tool making. However when British blacksmith Paul Alford took up the challenge of learning the idiosyncrasies of forging Gransfor's ancient axes the back order list has started to reduce. Read More >

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