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Throwing Axes

Competitive Axe Throwing is becoming more and more popular in the UK and as a relaxing(!) sport, especially using the smaller single handed tomahawk axes

Added to our range last year - a smaller version of the Single Handed Throwing Axe - the Mousehawk

Acquired two huge 42" diameter discs of oak from the Belsay Estate in Northumberland a few years ago, thank you Jeremy, a bit of ring shake but otherwise great.  

These impressive lumps of oak have worked very well at the Assoc of Pole Lathe Turners AGM's over the last few years, successfully managing to escape without backs being put out!  Axes only stick  well in dry discs of timber, if it's green, they tend to bounce out.

Check out the website of the Association of Pole Lathe Turners

For something a little special look in our Ancient Axes section, both the Gransfors Bruks British Trade Axe and the Gransfors Bruks Franciska make excellent throwing axes.  Neither have swell knobs at the end of the handles, the British Trade Axe is especially well suited to throwing as the handle is a knock-fit, meaning the handle is less likely to break and if it does, it's easy to replace.


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